Youth and information between war and pandemic: Mario Morcellini at the GDS Academy

It had already appeared in the 1990s clear how information and communication play a central role within our social structure. The advent of the internet and tools that can guarantee us an almost uninterrupted connection to the internet have made this phenomenon even more visible. But the last two years in particular, between the pandemic and the war, have made us understand to what extent communication processes have now also become an elementary aid and mediation tool in times of crisis.

The Noi Magazine GDS Academy planned for tomorrow is dedicated to the topic Friday April 22 from 11 a.m., a special appointment within the framework of Unime GDS Lab, the laboratory of journalistic technique promoted by Ses and the University of Messina, held in mixed form in the presence of the lecture hall of the university and in connection with schools in Messina and Calabria and with the guest of honor: the professor. Mario Morcellini, Director of the School of Communication and Digital Media of the Unitelma Sapienza Telematics University, will speak after the greetings of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Messina prof. Giovanni Moschella and the President of Ses Lino Morgante. Journalist Natalia La Rosa, director of Noi magazine and Unime GDS Lab supplement for SES, will coordinate the work. Present in the lecture hall students and students of the laboratory, together with Prof. Marco Centorrino, coordinator of the degree in Information Sciences Public Communication and Journalistic Techniques and didactic director of the Unime Gds Lab. Also present was a representative of the Schools of Messina. The event will be broadcast live on the Gazzetta del Sud YouTube channel and on the Unime Facebook page.

The professor. Morcellini is an ideal witness to understand not only this development of communication, but also what happened in this last, turbulent time. In fact, his research activities range from television communication to journalism and digital networks, focusing on the impact on young people and more recently on the relationship between mass media and citizens’ sense of security. In Italy he was one of the main architects of the birth and academic consolidation of the specialty of communication sciences.

During his prestigious career, he has also held positions of vital importance, such as that of Commissioner for Communications Guarantees. Among other things, he was Vice Rector for Institutional Communication at “La Sapienza” in Rome, where he also headed the CoRiS – Department of Communication and Social Research. He has served as Chair of Auditel’s Internal Control, Risks and Corporate Governance Committee and Chair of the National Conference of Communication Sciences.

His recent publications include “Antivirus. A society without an immune system to challenge Covid-19”an essay in which he reflects on how the health emergency has shifted the threshold of social responsibility that, before the pandemic, took a backseat to individualism and its main ally: shouted communication.

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