Young Filipino survives landslide by hiding in fridge Science News

The boy spent 20 hours in the family fridge before being pulled out by rescuers.

A young man from the city bay, in the Philippines, survived a landslide caused by Tropical Storm Megi by hiding in a refrigerator, the New York Post reported. 11-year-old CJ Jasme was with his family when his home started flooding last Friday due to the landslide. At this point he decided to go to the family fridge where he spent 20 hours.

A young Filipino survives a landslide by hiding in a refrigerator

Finally, a police officer saw the refrigerator on the riverbank and signaled to rescuers. When they arrived and pulled the boy out, it turned out that he only broke his leg, after which he received first aid. and was transported to the hospital. His health is currently stable. But the father of jasmine He was killed in another landslide while his mother and younger brother are still missing. The storm that hit the country on April 10 killed 178 people while more than 100 people are still missing. Over 176,000 residents were evacuated from the affected areas.

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