Xi Jinping sees world security in “respect for the sovereignty of all states”. But he never talks about Putin and attacks sanctions

Chinese President Xi Jinping has proposed a new approach to “promoting security in the world” that “respects the sovereignty of all states and the development path that each chooses.” Xi delivered a speech today during the opening of the Boao Forum, known as “Asian Davos”, which is taking place these days on the tropical island of Hainan (South of the country), with almost no international presence. , due to restrictions. imposed by China for the Covid-19 pandemic. “We respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. We adhere to non-interference in the internal affairs of others and equally respect the development path that each chooses,” Xi said. According to the president, China remains “committed to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations” and opposes the “typical cold war mentality, unilateralism and blockade”, statements that the Asian country’s politicians often use when referring to the United States. criticize its foreign policy. “We take the legitimate security concerns of all countries very seriously and strive for a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture achieved not at the expense of others,” Xi added. The president avoided using the term “invasion” in reference to Russia’s offensive in Ukraine, while reiterating his opposition to sanctions against Moscow.

“Differences and disputes must be resolved through dialogue. China supports all efforts that lead to a peaceful resolution of crises, while opposing the imposition of unilateral sanctions,” Xi said. The president also spoke of Covid, which is causing record infections in the country. “More efforts are needed for humanity to achieve victory against the pandemic. It is essential that countries support each other and better coordinate their actions. We need to improve global health governance and form synergies in the fight against COVID”, he added. Xi also assured that China will provide “great dynamism” to the global economic recovery with “more market opportunities for all countries”, stating that the Chinese economy remains “strong, resilient, sustainable in the long term, with enormous potential and room for manoeuvre”. “. “. “Efforts are needed – he noted – to maintain economic globalization. For that, we all need to better coordinate our macroeconomic policies. Science and technology must be used to obtain new growth impulses.” Xi Jinping stressed that we must “keep global supply chains stable” and “avoid negative effects on the adjustments made by some countries”, in a clear reference to the next meeting of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) on May 4, in a context of high inflationary pressures.

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