Vezzali: “The physical education teacher in primary school is worth its weight in gold”

The Undersecretary of State for Sport, Valentina Vezzali, speaks at La Gazzetta dello Sport on the introduction of the physical education teacher in primary school.

“The budget law has ensured sufficient coverage. There will be 25,000 classes for a total of 2200 teachers. And now the gyms. 2289 applications were received, but the PNRR only allocates 300 million for this purpose. At the end of April we will have the ranking”.

Then he adds: “The questions come from the municipalities, which are supported by sport and health in planning. The schedule is strict: work to be completed by 2025, reporting by the first half of 2026”.


Ed. engine to the primary

Q. From what year do you plan to introduce movement classes in elementary school?

R. Law no. 234/2021 saw the introduction of the above-mentioned teaching in the fifth grades from the academic year before 2022/23 and in the fourth grades from the academic year 2024/25.

D. Access to Ed. Movement in elementary school?

A. Access is via a competition.

Q. Has the ministerial decree that will regulate the selection procedures for access to the role of motor skills teacher in primary schools already been published?

On a. The text of the decree that will regulate the competition has already sought the opinion of the CSPI but has yet to be published.

Requirements for participation in the competition

D. What are the requirements to enter the competition?

A. 24 CFU/CFA in the anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methods and technologies and one of the following degrees are required to enter the competition:

  • Master’s degree LM-67 “Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities”
  • Master’s degree LM-68 “Exercise Science and Techniques”
  • Master’s degree LM-47 “Organization and management of sports and physical activity services”
  • Qualifications equivalent to the above-mentioned Master’s degrees, as per Ministerial Decree of July 9, 2009
  • comparable qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation

competitive articulation

Q. How is the competition organized?

R. The competition is divided into: written test; oral exam; assessment of qualifications.

D. What does the written exam consist of?

A. The computer-based written test on the program referred to in Appendix A of the DM consists of fifty questions including:

  • 40 multiple-choice questions aimed at identifying the candidate’s skills and knowledge;
  • 5 multiple-choice questions on English language proficiency at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • 5 multiple choice questions on digital skills inherent in the didactic use of the most effective technologies and multimedia electronic devices to improve the quality of learning.

Q. Are the questions published in advance?

A. No, there is no prior publication of the questions.

D. How are the questions of the written examination marked?

A. Each correct answer is worth 2 (two) points, 0 (zero) points for each wrong or no answer. Maximum attributable score 100 points.

D. What is the minimum score required to pass the written test?

A. The test is passed by candidates who achieve a total score of at least 70 points.

D. How long is the written exam?

A. The test lasts 100 minutes, without prejudice to any additional times and resources provided for in Article 20 of Law No. 104/92.

D. Who prepares the questions for the written exam?

A. Questions are prepared at national level by the Ministry, which uses a national commission for this purpose.

D. What does the program according to Annex A of the Ministerial Decree include?

A. The examination program set out in Annex A is divided into:
to. general part;
b. disciplinary program.

D. What does the oral exam consist of?

A. The oral exam consists of the planning of a didactic activity, including the illustration of the content, the didactic and methodological choices made and the practical application of digital technologies; The Commission also interacts with the candidate to assess their ability to understand and converse in English at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

D. What is the oral exam about?

A. The test relates to the program referred to in Annex A above and also aims to determine the ability to plan effectively in didactics, also in relation to the didactic use of technologies and multimedia electronic devices.

D. How long does the oral exam last?

A. The oral examination has a maximum duration of 30 minutes, without prejudice to any additional time and resources provided for in Article 20 of Law 104/92.

D. How many points are awarded for the oral examination?

A. The commission awards a maximum of 100 penalties.

D. What is the minimum score to pass the oral exam?

A. Candidates who achieve a minimum score of 70 points pass the test.

D. Who prepares the minutes of the oral examination?

A. The minutes of the oral examination are prepared by each Judges’ Commission according to the program indicated in Appendix A of the Ministerial Decree. The routes are arranged in a number equal to three times the number of candidates admitted to the exam.

Q. When will the trail be drawn for each candidate?

A. Each candidate extracts the course they wish to take the test on 24 hours before the scheduled time for their test. The extracted tracks will be excluded from subsequent draws.

Q. How many points can be attributed to qualifications?

A. The Commission awards a maximum of 50 points for academic, scientific and professional qualifications.

Merit Ranking

D. How are the performance rankings established?

A. The regional merit rankings are established by grading each candidate based on the sum of points earned in the written test, oral test and qualification assessment.

D. How many candidates will be included in the performance ranking?

A. The Regional Merit Ranking contains a number of nominees equal to the number of places available, ie winners only.

D. What is the validity of the ranking of merit?

A. The regional merit ranking is valid for one year and expires in any case with the approval of the ranking related to the subsequent competition.

D. What does the potential waiver of the merit ranking role entail?

A. Resigning from the regional merit ranking list means losing relative ranking only.


D. If the competition is not completed in time for the 2022-23 academic year, how will the 2022-23 teaching positions for Ed. Motor in the fifth grade?

A. In the event that the merit ranking of the competition is not approved in time for the hiring of teachers, Law No. 234/2021 provides that the places are to be filled with fixed-term contracts, compatible with those entered in the GPS competition involved teachers of classes A-48 “motor and sport sciences in further educational institutions” and A-49 “natural sciences motor and sport” are to be determined in secondary level I”.

enable competition

Q. Who passes the exams with the pass mark, even if they are not a winner, gets the qualification?

D. Yes, pass all competitive tests represents the teaching qualification in some cases in which the candidate has none. The USR responsible for the procedure is responsible the certificate of the relevant qualification.

PLEASE NOTE As this is a draft, there may be discrepancies which we will report promptly.

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