Universities and life sciences companies meet in Florence

Presentation of the diplomas to the 65 students who have completed the two-year course

vita life sciences foundationIn Florence, technical training in the field of life sciences meets companies and students. The award ceremony for the 65 students who completed the two-year ITS training courses: Bioqualtech19, Profarmabio19 and Byte19 took place this morning in Florence.

The event, held at the Educational Center “Il Fuligno”, was attended by Alessandra Nardini, Councilor for Education and Training of the Region of Tuscany, Andrea Paolini, President of the VITA Foundation – ITS new technologies by VITA, and Ludovica Fiaschi, President of ITS Prime – ITS for mechanics and mechatronics. The day opened with the intervention of the Director of the VITA-ITS New Technologies Foundation of VITA Stefano Chiellini, who presented the main results of the Needs Analysis 2022 – Life Sciences.

There is also space for the certificates of the companies involved and the graduates of the ITS courses, who completed the two-year training course with the acquisition of a professionalization diploma recognized by the Ministry, conferring the EQF Level V qualification in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and ICT sectors (Information-and communicationtechnologies). Training courses in which a total of 384 students have taken part since 2015 (the year ITS Vita was founded), 240 of whom are trained (206 with an ITS diploma and 34 with a certificate of specialization) and which currently see 144 students in the classroom. In addition, 219 students are to be reached in 2022 with the activation of three new courses. In 2021, in particular, 3 new ITS courses were activated and from 2020 the VITA Foundation became Manager of the Professional Technical Center (PTP) Health and activated, also in 2021, the first PTP course called FormVitalab – Science Training Laboratories Life. Finally, looking at the numerical performances, the data shows that in over 80% of the cases, the job arrives immediately after attending an ITS VITA course, with percentages that rise to 90% of the employed if we also take into account 10% of those they are about to resume their studies with a university course. These are highly specialized and study-related jobs: In fact, 85% of the ITS Vita students have found a job in the life sciences.

“I congratulate the girls and boys who have completed this path and I am sure that they will appreciate the quality of the training offered by ITS Vita – explains Alessandra Nardini, Councilor for Education and Training of the Region of Tuscany – The ITS offer exceptional opportunities, the figures in terms of employment tell us so, and for this reason, as a Region of Tuscany, we intend to continue investing and increasing our commitment in the Higher Technical Institutes, and we will do so both through the European Structural Funds, particularly by the ‘FSE , both with the resources of the PNRR I am sure that the quality of the education and the skills that these girls and boys acquire will be crucial for their professional careers and for the development of the supply chain strategic for the development of Life Sciences of our region and the whole country Higher technical education is t an important tool to overcome the mismatch, the mismatch between supply and demand of work. For this reason – concludes Alessandra Nardini – we must do even more to make known the possibilities offered by ITS, starting with the orientation, because it is essential that female students can make an informed and conscious choice, given the existing training offer fully know. in our regional area “.

“ITS are increasingly becoming one of the pillars of our training system – explains Andrea Paolini, President of the VITA Foundation. The two-year ITS Vita courses are post-graduate professionalization paths that favor the inclusion of young people in the vocational training system. ITS itself lies in the ability to involve companies in the design of training courses. Thanks to the ability to respond to the needs of companies and, above all, to anticipate them , more than 80% of graduates find a job immediately after graduation, and the employment is consistent with the course and with the activity foreseen in the two-year course during the internship. The challenge, especially for the future, must be to find the means of the Investing in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Improvement of the organizational and didactic model by introducing reward criteria for the expansion of ITS paths and for the development of technological skills basic techniques, strengthening of the laboratories with 4.0 technologies and dissemination of the knowledge business and technology culture”.

“Today is certainly a big celebration for our ITS, because our children’s education is over – comments Stefano Chiellini, Director of the Vita Foundation. A moment to recognize their commitment and also to thank the companies that have welcomed them during the internship and that have also become a job opportunity for many of them. From here we start with three new courses developed from the annual survey. These are paths that respect the skills required by companies and enrich the professional figures with 4.0 themes. Our technicians, as required in the world of work today, are trained to be the most responsive in both the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields. Many companies have shown great interest in the routes we have developed. These are companies that now know our work thanks to their commitment both in teaching and because they have had the opportunity to directly experience the high skills shown by our students in this field.

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