Ukraine, Moscow announces: “We have taken Mariupol” – Economy and Finance

(Teleborsa) – The city of Mariupol is under Russian control.. The announcement was made by the Russian Defense Minister Sergej Shoigu while the president put on stated that all those who surrender to the Russian soldiers will be assured that their lives will be spared.

“The release of Mariupol is a success”, said the Russian president canceling the operation to invade the Azovstal steel mill in what has now been renamed”the martyr city”. Putin then demanded that the Azovstal industrial facility in Mariupol be blocked so that “a fly cannot pass”.

Meanwhile, empty chairs and blank screens at the G20 in protest against the Russia. When Moscow Finance Minister Anton Siluanov took the floor, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and her Ukrainian colleague Serhiy Marchenko got up and left the room, followed by several ministers and governors, including the President of the ECB Cristina Lagarde.

Others present practically turned off the cameras on their screens. European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo also left the table Gentiloni. The Italian delegation, made up of Minister Daniele Franco and Governor Ignazio Visco, remained to play its institutional role as a member of the troika along with Indonesia and India. A stay that was an opportunity to publicly blame Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Other countries followed Italy’s path and listened to Moscow. These include Japan and Spain, while for Germany, president of the G7, he remained finance minister. To have Christian Lindner hhe explained his choice to remain as dictated by the desire not to leave Russia a stage for “spread your propaganda and your lies”.

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