The orientation days in the departments of the University of Siena continue

In person and online. Pupils can participate with their families and interested parties

orient yourself2020The orientation meetings of the University of Siena last until mid-May, during which the faculties of the University introduce themselves to the students of the schools and their families in order to provide all the information necessary for a conscious choice of the university path.

The meetings, which will take place face-to-face at the various university offices and will also be available online, represent an opportunity to deepen the range of courses, services and research activities of the individual departments and to exchange ideas directly with lecturers and supervising students.

The details of the dates, locations, schedules and addresses for the remote connection will be published on the website

These are the meetings to be held in Siena. Tomorrow, Friday, April 22, the Faculty of Economics will present the study opportunities in the field of economics, the diploma and master’s courses, followed by contributions from some students attending the courses and the presentation of work experiences of graduates. There will also be a guided tour by the tutoring students. For those connected remotely, an illustrative video of the venue will be available.

On April 26, the open day of the Department of Political and International Sciences will take place with the presentation of the courses; On May 3rd, the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy will provide information about its educational offerings and career opportunities, accompanied by certificates from former doctoral students.

On May 4th, it is the turn of the departments of philology and literary criticism, both ancient and modern. In addition to the presentation of the courses, the event is the occasion for the award of the federal competition “Faculty for Poetry” and the literary competition “Reden über”.

On the same day, May 4th, the orientation meetings of the Faculties of Law and Computer Science and Mathematics will take place.

It continues on May 5th with the open day of the Department of History and Cultural Heritage, followed on May 10th by the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences. Closes the calendar of meetings in Siena, on May 11, the Faculty of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment.

From April 26th to May 31st, another orientation initiative is planned in Siena, the “Lectiones magistrales” of the Department of History and Heritage. Both students and anyone interested can attend classes, both in person and remotely.

Orientation events are also planned in Arezzo and Grosseto.

In fact, the “Lectiones magistrales” cycle also takes place in Grosseto: the various dates will take place from April 28th to May 27th at the headquarters of the University campus of Grosseto (Via Ginori, 43).

On May 4th, the Open Day of the Degree in Languages ​​for Intercultural and Business Communication will take place on the campus of the Pionta University in Arezzo (via Cittadini, 33). The event, also face-to-face and online, not only offers the opportunity to deepen your studies, but also to get to know the language center and to visit the campus facilities (teaching rooms, library, laboratories) accompanied by the student tutors.

Also on May 4th, both in Arezzo on the Pionta campus and in Grosseto on the University campus in Grosseto, the open house of the legal department will be held to present the training and professional opportunities offered.

Finally, on May 10th in Arezzo, the Faculty of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences will present the courses in Education and Training Sciences and Sciences for Training and Pedagogical Consultancy in Organizations offered at the University Campus del Pionta.

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