the novelties found in the beta version indicate Android 13 functions

In many regions of the world, Whatsapp is the most popular communication platform. Many people who live in the area multilingual they trust the app, often jumping between languages ​​and dialects in everyday life. Phones and technology, on the other hand, make the process difficult with options to select the hard tongue and inflexible system-level standards. The latest beta version of Whatsapp aims to change that and now allows you to select your preferred language in addition configured for all smartphone.

According to WABetaInfo, the beta version WhatsApp was the first to roll out the language switch to a small group of testers, with version making it much more available. The option of selection language can be found in the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of WhatsApp under Definitions Application language.

WhatsApp will borrow this feature from Android 13

The function was previously discovered in a disassembly of the app, so it’s no surprise that WhatsApp is now testing it in the beta channel. If you want to try the language changer, be sure to sign up for WhatsApp beta at Touch Store. WhatsApp is by no means the first software to let users choose the favorite language. Google Maps, which added the option in early 2021, is probably the most obvious example.

Either way, Google intends to make per-app language switching a system-wide feature in Android 13, allowing you to select your preferred language for each app independently in the system settings. The in-app switch like WhatsApp ones will become obsolete in the long term, but it will take a long time for all Android phones to be updated to the next version.

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