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Uranus is the first target for space missions: priorities for the next 10 years.

Source: Twitter by @elespectador

They will be on the agenda of the next priority space missions for the coming decade Uranus and the discovery of this planet by the UOP mission (Acronym for Uranus Orbiter and Probe). This was announced by the Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, in collaboration with the NASA, has given us the calendar of the next expeditions into orbit until 2032. Close observation of Uranus will allow us to discover further and important data on nearby outer planets as well. Second only to the Uranus expedition is that which will involve the search for possible life forms on Saturn, a mission that will bear the name Enceladus Orbilander.

Great knowledge of life outside our planet, but at the same time it will be imperative to develop and implement new alarm systems capable of constantly monitoring the situation in orbit and timely warning of the possibility of dangerous collisions of the Earth with the So to warn -so-called near-Earth objects. In fact, the security of our planet is another cornerstone of the coming years, so that discovery and research can always go hand in hand, with particular attention to the world that houses us. This requires new tracking systems, detection fields, modeling and forecasting.

A task that is anything but easy and certainly particularly onerous, requiring greater economic resources than are currently available. The projects of NASA they are many and all extremely ambitious. In fact, the astronomical goals for the next few years are also included Uranus, Saturn and our own Earth, including exploration in search of life on Mars, resuming Discovery missions, exploring Venus and collecting lunar samples. In short, we’ll have plenty of time to hold our noses up in hopes of new discoveries.

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