“The former councilor is an intermediary in illicit business”


Two thousand pages that tell the intertwining of the Camorra, entrepreneurship and politics. An intertwining that starts from Naples and arrives in Bari and goes to Lecce. This is what follows from the order issued by the court in the capital of Campania and which provided for the arrest of 57 people, including Pasquale Finocchio, former mayor of Bari and Andrea Guido, former councilor of the Municipality of Lecce. The names of Roberto Falco and Giuseppe D’Elia are also on the suspects’ register.

As part of the investigations that led to the maxi blitz by the Carabinieri del Ros and the Gico da Guardia di Finanza of Naples against the Moccia Camorra clan, the three are accused of trafficking mafia in illicit influences. According to what has been reconstructed by the investigations, they would have contributed externally to “the mobster-like association of the Moccia clan, providing an effective, conscious and voluntary functional contribution” to the strengthening of the clan, in particular dealing with “the increase of its strength criminal and economic” through the statement of the company Soloil Italia “managed by the mafia association” and owned by Francesco Di Sarno, affiliated to the clan and trusted by Antonio Moccia, favoring the reuse of illicit capital in the legal economy, imposing the company’s monopoly with mafia methods.

Roberto Falco is believed to be linked to the association of the hegemonic Parisian clan in Bari, and is accused of having favored relations between Di Sarno and Finocchio (then vice-mayor in the PDL action) to exploit public administration in favor of of the clan. He would also have imposed the service of the company Soloil Italia in a series of commercial activities and maintained relations with members of the criminals of Lecce and Foggia. Pasquale Finocchio, through De Falco and for economic compensation, would have facilitated the expansion of Soloil Italia in Puglia, removing all bureaucratic obstacles and facilitating the release of the Single Environmental Permit by the metropolitan city of Bari and the Municipality of Modugno, and guaranteeing the absence of administrative controls.

He also allegedly pressured local politicians (including the mayor of Casarano) and sometimes imposed, with the mafia method, the Di Sarno company on third-party companies, including Ladisa de Bari. D’Elia Giuseppe also favored Soloil Italia’s action, facilitating relations with local politicians, including the then councilor for the municipality of Lecce, Andrea Guido, with whom a corruption deal was concluded in 2017 and who was arrested today.

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