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On Sunday, April 24, 2022, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the Muse – Trento Science Museum will be able to experience sustainability with a focus on endangered species, climate change and future visions.

The Sustainability Gallery, the renovated floor of the museum dedicated to the 2030 Agenda, launches the first “Planet Party”. Guided tours, special “hunt for the future”, short films and street art workshops animate the exhibition halls to discover how to face the great planetary challenges together.

From the loss of biodiversity to the fight against climate change, from the fight against waste to reducing energy consumption. There are many themes that little ones can tackle in an afternoon of activities dedicated to the main drivers of ongoing global change, with the aim of investigating, in a curious and interactive way, the solutions to mitigate our impact on the Earth.

Proposals from the museum and its sponsors include Pixel Art. Draw your TOward, Hunt for the future, and Reach Your Goal. Biodiversity loss, one of the most alarming issues of our time, will be the focus of two activities: Planet Routine and Illegal Souvenirs.

There will also be screenings of short films that, in collaboration with the Trento Film Festival, will highlight the major environmental issues related to biodiversity and climate change.

Finally, there’s also space for the Planet Quiz, click-through challenges to learn about some of the Museum’s best business practices, and tours of the Sustainability Gallery and the 2050 How do we get there? Sustainable mobility, cleaner, faster, safer and for everyone”.

All children participating in the Planet Party will receive a free Esselunga bag with products from the Che Joy line dedicated to children. All activities are included in the entrance ticket to the museum, which has a reduced price for the occasion: €7 for a parent with underage children. Booking at Ticketlandia.

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