Realme GT Neo 3 sets a new record in DxOMark’s loading tests

Since its debut in the homeland, it has become clear that Realme GT Neo3 would have been talked about and not just for its sporty style and respectable features: it is, in fact, the first smartphone equipped with technology UltraDart from 150 W. What does that mean? Simply that the newcomer from Realme is the device with the fastest charging technology in the world and now the ratings of DxOMarkName.

Realme GT Neo 3 with 150W UltraDart leads the DxOMark chart for its loading speed

really gt neo 3

the team of DxOMarkName, known around the world for its reviews of the smartphone photography sector, has some time ago expanded its horizons by introducing rankings dedicated to other aspects of the devices. And now it’s up Realme GT Neo3 and your super load of 150 Wable to give a record speed: they will be enough 5 minutes to pass 0 to 50%, for lightning-fast, uninterrupted performance. We are all curious to touch on this news and meanwhile the DxOMark evaluation has arrived.

really gt neo 3

According to the latest data, the Realme GT Neo 3 rose to the top by becoming the best tested device for charging time, with a punctuation from 121. The newcomer has surpassed both the former GT Neo 2 5G what iPhone 13 Pro Max (101 and 73 points respectively).

But how does the novelty introduced by GT Neo 3 work? The device is equipped with a UltraDart Adaptive Dual Chipset, combined with the new 4:2 high power charging architecture, able to improve battery charging efficiency and reduce power loss when charging from source. Second, the high-efficiency custom charge pump also reduces the heat generated during this stage, and the lower temperature further extends the high-power life, improving its speed.

when does realme gt neo 3 come out

Like New structure double celltwo 2,250mAh cells are connected in series inside the battery, equivalent to 4,500mAh. With Battery Sense Cell Voltage Detection technology, the device can accurately detect voltage, effectively preventing errors caused by battery protection circuitry. This allows for a more accurate loading strategy during the process, reducing your total time.

Of course, the focus is not only on speed, but also on security: the device has been certified by the TÜV Rheinland for Safe Fast-Charge System, thanks to the 38 protection measures posted by Realme. In addition, the dedicated MCU charging safety chip is added to the charging circuit and is able to directly power off the 150W charger in case of abnormal charge state.

The new Realme GT Neo 3 will be presented in India in the next april 29: So, there are only a few days left until the global premiere and we can’t wait to find out when it will also arrive in your latitudes.

In the meantime, if you’re curious to know more about the Realme GT Neo 3, here’s our deepening. For users interested in getting their hands on the newcomer now, find out Where buy!

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