Q @ TN (Quantum at Trento), the laboratory of quantum science and technologies – Corriere.it at the university

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The laboratory is the result of the agreement between the University of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and Atos. Research collaboration at the service of an essential technology for digital transformation

A revolution for the IT and digital services market, as well as an essential tool to take medicine, logistics, energy and defense to another dimension, also based on efficiency and technological potential still to be explored. These are the premises of an agreement on computers and quantum science signed byUniversity of Trentoof the Bruno Kessler Foundation and from atos, an agreement that brings together academia, a research institute and a society committed to digital transformation towards the same goal. Anticipation regarding future dedicated university programs unpublished on the Italian scene, also for access to funding from the National recovery and resilience plan (Pnrr), from Horizon Europe and Digital Europe. The Mutual Cooperation Agreement for Scientific Research on quantum computingwhich will launch a joint work lasting several years, will essentially carry out a study of the new algorithms and the most suitable IT architectures to ensure a fast and effective digital transformation in the industrial, public and social spheres.

The project

The researchers who will be part of the project will work in it Q @TN (Quantum at Trento) is the name of the laboratory for quantum science and technologies created by the University of Trento in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation and with theNational Research Institute and theNational Institute of Nuclear Physics. The office was also set up in anticipation of the launch of the Quantum Engineering degree program, as well as PhDs and ad hoc research projects. Another aspect that should not be neglected will also be the attention given to the implications of quantum computing in the field of Internet security, currently one of the sectors most affected by technological advances. In fact, neutralizing the most secure and inaccessible data protection systems is becoming easier and easier today as the protection needs of institutions and companies grow.

Practical applications and training

On the occasion of his announcement, the director of Q @ TN Lorenzo Pavesi specified the guidelines and the mandate of the agreement. The main objective is to strengthen the Trentino ecosystem in the field of quantum science and technologies. The multilateral agreement between different disciplines, the academic field and the industrial world, will allow us to develop innovative research together with a more effective perspective of transferring the results of the study into practical applications also for the national production fabric. At the same time, reference is also made to the training of the students who will take part in the project. They will not only be students, Pavesi continues, but innovation experts on problems with strong application interest. The Secretary General of the Bruno Kessler Foundation agrees Andrew Simoni. We are facing a new quantum revolution. Its implications will matter in today’s strategic and relevant fields such as space, biomedicine, environment and other related areas. A reference to the digital transformation on the part of Atos Italia. Strengthening research in the industry, emphasized the CEO Giuseppe di Franco, will provide an effective and decisive digital transition for the country’s future strategic and digital sovereignty. This is the only way for production districts and companies to remain competitive in an international economic and technological environment that will be strongly characterized by quantum innovations in the coming decades. Words to reiterate that the future is built in the present, and for that you need to know how to look far ahead.

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