Putin case opens near/far

In the name of “challenges”, the near / far festival returns, planned in Udine from Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 May with preview events already from the previous weekend.

Over 80 scheduled appointments – between comparisons, meetings, concerts, exhibitions, shows and demonstrations – in which 200 guests from the world of science, literature, art, entertainment and information will take part.

In almost all cases they will be in Udine personally to renew together with the audience this collective ritual, typical of all festivals and which allows you to meet, share moments of listening, discussion and reflection in a common space where you can feel like a community.

Among the protagonists: David tremletLucio CaraccioloGianluca CostantiniIvan DimitrijevicStefanie mauritiusEdward ZachiniGiacomo MarramaoChicko headSlavenka DrakulicFabio DeottoFranco FarinelliSergei BondarenkoLorenzo RoundJulia sour cherryStefan ZamagniAndrew Gracefuljade MessettiHafez HaidarTatyana BiagioniMaximilian Panarari, Tamás Gyurkovics, Marianna FilandriJan SayetKarl ratsAndrew Calmlytonia MastrobuoniGuido CrainzWlodeck grain of goldJacques RupnikDominik QuiricoValeria Pellizzari. marcella BonchioRiccardo NuryHelene Janeczek, Fabio ChiusiPaula KaridiValeria Pelizzari, Pier Aldo Rovatti, Hazal KoyunucuJonathan BazziAndrew feathers.

As always, the Terzani Prize will be the central moment of the festival. The evening event for the delivery is planned Saturday 14 back this year too New Theater Giovanni da Udine. The 2022 winner will be announced by Angela TerzaniChairman of the Jury, Friday 22 April.

In five finalists there is Fabio Deotto for that the other world Life on a changing planet (Bompiani), Erika Fatland for Life at the top. A season in the Himalayas (Marsilio), Gulbahar Haitiwaji with Rozenn Morgat for Survivor of a Chinese Gulag. The First Testimony of a Uyghur Woman (add editor), Colum McCann per Apeirogon (Feltrinelli) and Ece Temelkuran for trust and dignity. Ten Urgent Choices for a Better Gift (Bollati Boringhieri)

Near / far it will once again occupy the heart of the city of Udine and some of its historical buildings – the Church of San Francesco, the Loggia del Lionello, the Salone del Popolo of the Palazzo D’Aronco, the Piazza Libertà – all placed as always by the Municipality of Udine available. As for the premises, this year there is an important innovation: part of the 2022 program will take place in the Auditorium Sgorlon, a building that is both technologically functional and aesthetically very attractive that the University of Udine has just inaugurated in its headquarters in Via Margreth, behind Piazza Garibaldi, and which he makes available near/far on the days of the Festival.

The festival program has the scientific direction of the anthropologist Nicola GasbarroPresident of the Scientific Committee near / far, which includes: Stefano studentsLucio Caracciolosergia AdamMaximilian PanarariFabio ClosedBeatrice BonatoMichele MorganteAntonio massaruttoGuido CrainzPier Aldo RovattiJohn LeghissaWilhelm CevolinGiancarlo Bosetti and Norma Zamparo. Almost everyone was personally involved in the events of the festival this year. It must be made clear, because without their generous commitment and their contribution of scientific competence and reliability, the festival could not be realized and maintain its image as a place of knowledge crossing and as an updated observatory of the world over the years.

The curators of the last editions, Paola Colombo and Franca Rigoni, To confirm and consolidate the strong link between the character of Tiziano Terzani and the Festival, they wanted to be involved in the construction of the program this year Alen Loreti, official biographer of the Florentine journalist and writer, and editor of the two volumes of the Mondadori “Meridiani” dedicated to his works.

In the economy of the event, after the difficult period experienced by the school during the pandemic, the involvement of the younger generations will become important again thanks to the Competition for Tiziano Terzani Schools, which is carried out under the auspices of the state education authority and has a large participation from schools from the entire region. Hundreds of projects were presented. The winners will be announced shortly by the competition jury, which is responsible for the professor for near/far Doris Cutrin – and will be awarded on Saturday 14 May in the morning at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine. Over the course of the school year, more than a thousand children took part in the project the pleasure of legality, Promoted by the Network of High Schools of Udine and coordinated by Liliana Mauro and Chiara pace. The results of the articulated training course will be presented within the framework of the festival partner of the project, as always on Friday morning, May 13, at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine.

“Challenges” is the keyword running across the events of near/far 2022.

Intertwined with the geopolitical challenge are other challenges that are forcing us to rethink how we live and how we see the world. How can we make our long-established way of life more sustainable and less unjust? How could we forget that we are enjoying it at the expense of the rights of those paying the highest cost? They are the victims of a globalization that is showing obvious signs of crisis, and it is the ecosystem of the planet that houses us that is suffering.

The “ecological turnaround” and the “energy turnaround” are challengeswho find us more vulnerable today than yesterday. We ask scientists and economists, but also philosophers, to help us deal with their complexity.

On the subject right – of Thoughtof the Womenof youngof workforce – We want to avoid the rhetoric of an increasingly weary, repetitive, abstract public discourse: we want to put the words back into bodies, into concrete experiences, to try to understand the roots of oppression of dissidents, gender discrimination, pedagogical inattention , new Forms of exploitation in the third millennium.

To continue arguing together and cultivating the belief that if we may not be up to the challenges of our time, we can at least try to understand them and maybe face them more consciously.

The 2022 edition will officially start on Wednesday 11th at 6.30 p.m. with the inauguration and the traditional welcome by the authorities. This year the festival could only be opened by a geopolitical study, with the intervention of the most authoritative Italian expert, Lucio CaraccioloDirector of LiMes who will be in dialogue Omar Monestierwith the introduction of William Cevolin (in collaboration with Historia and Limes).

In the afternoon at the festival also the presentation of the latest issue of LiMes, The case of Putin. The opening day of the festival is symbolically closed with a peace anthem. The Luigi Bon Foundation and the Mittelfest bring the opera to the stage of the Church of San Francesco in the national premiere Annelie, a musical reworking of English composer James’ famous Diary of Anne Frank, officially opening the second edition of Mittelyoung, the festival for artists under 30. Annelie it was first performed in 2005 on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. In its chamber version, it includes piano, violin, cello and clarinet, soprano soloist and chamber choir. All participating artists, including the director Anna Molaro, are young people under 35.

The festival ends on Sunday May 15th Andrea Pennacchi. Accompanied by Gianluca Segato’s lap steel guitar, he stages a free reading for near/far, inspired by The War of the Bepi, his second book containing the monologues dedicated by the author to his grandfather and father. Both Bepi: The grandfather was called that and the father, when he went into the mountains as a partisan, chose his father’s name as a battle name. One was involved in World War I, the other in World War II. At war, as simple people, in search of a meaning that is difficult to grasp and, above all, to explain: in the trenches (grandfather), in the concentration camp (father).

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