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(Teleborsa) – Positive day for European stock exchangeson a day marked by quarterly reports of large multinationals (the positive performance of ASMLwith demand greater than current production capacity, and Yogurt, with price increases absorbing cost increases). Concerns about rising incomes and the unfolding of the war in Ukraine remain in the background. Good positive too affari square, after yesterday being overwhelmed by the coupon detachment of eight FTSE MIB companies. At the sectoral level, the poor performance of the sector do you travelin which the discounts autogrill after yesterday’s jump following rumors about a possible aggregation with Swiss rival Dufry. The sector is doing well technology, food and banking. In the FTSE MIB they stand out BPM Bank (with a report of Mediobanca which speaks of an “acquisition in the near future”) and BPER.

Slight growth ofEuro / US Dollar, which rises to an altitude of 1,085. Substantially stable thegold, which continues trading on the eve of levels at $1,950.9 an ounce. Sitting on par for oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil), which is at 102.5 dollars a barrel.

Unchanged to spreadwhich stands at +165 basis points, with the ten-year BTP yield at 2.51%.

Among the European lists moves into positive territory Frankfurtshowing an increase of 1.47%, small advance to Londonwhich shows an evolution of 0.37%, and the money in Pariswhich registered an increase of 1.38%.

Piazza Affari closed the session with the FTSE MIB which advances to 24,878 points, while, on the contrary, the FTSE Italia All Share lost 0.86%, ending the session at 26,890 points.

salt the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+1%); with the same direction, in fractional progress the FTSE Italia Star (+0.51%).

At the close of the Milan Stock Exchange, today’s trading volume was equal to 2.27 billion euros, a significant decrease (-17.2%), compared to the previous trading session, which had been traded at 2.74 thousand millions of euros; while trading volumes increased from 0.54 billion shares in the previous trading session to 0.55 billion today.

Among the best Blue Chips from Piazza Affari, takes off BPM Bankwith a significant increase of 4.46%.

In evidence BPERwhich shows a strong increase of 3.52%.

he stands out Pirelli which marks an important increase of 3.28%.

Fly STMicroelectronicswith a sharp increase of 3.24%.

The strongest declines, on the other hand, occurred in DiaSorinwhich ended the session at -1.53%.

suffer Amplphonwhich shows a loss of 1.52%.

Sellers’ prey Telecom Italywith a drop of 1.21%.

undertone tender which shows an archive of 0.64%.

among the protagonists from FTSE MidCap, intercoms (+ 7.48%), believe (+4.48%), Cementir Holding (+3.68%) and Danieli (+3.65%).

Stronger sales, on the other hand, fell autogrillwhich ended the negotiations at -4.78%.

focus on sales OVSwhich suffers a fall of 1.76%.

sales in Wiitwhich registered a drop of 1.52%.

negative session for BFwhich shows a loss of 1.38%.

In between macroeconomic variables heaviest:

Wednesday 04/20/2022
01:50 Japan: Trade balance (expected ¥100.8 billion; previous ¥668.3 billion)
06:30 Japan: Services index, monthly (previously -0.2%)
8 o’clock Germany: Production prices, annual (expected 28.2%; previous 25.9%)
8 o’clock Germany: Production prices, monthly (forecast 2.6%; previous 1.4%)
11.00 am European Union: Industrial production, annual (forecast 1.5%; previous -1.5%).

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