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Scienza Nuova is the territorial alliance between polytechnic and University of Turinwho worked on the webfarea new well-being that puts the whole new data capital produced by human mobilization, needs and desires at the service of humanity and feeding the web, the great archive of human life forms that would not exist without them.

Yesterday, Wednesday April 20, al Valentino Castle the Institute for Advanced Studies new science presented itself to the city of Turin, initiating a series of meetings and insights that will be attended by local institutions and companies with which Scienza Nuova has started its collaboration and with which Scienza Nuova wants to forge this new alliance for Webfare.
With the participation of Rector of the Polytechnic Guido Saraccoof the Vice Rector of the University of Turin Giulia Carluccio and prof Maurizio Ferraris, President of the instituteScienza Nuova met with the City to present the results obtained, present the projects under development and accept proposals. Starting from the belief that innovation always comes from there an encounter between humanism and technology – Pillars, for example from Biennial Technology and of the many initiatives that have brought the Politecnico the first place in Italy for the impact of research on the territory – as has happened in Silicon Valley with commercial platforms and as can be done in Turin with new civic platforms capable , to give back to humanity what he has produced.

During the meeting, professor Alessandro Zennaro, Deputy Rector of the Third Mission for Culture of the University of Turin and professor Giovanni Durbiano, professor at the Polytechnic and member of the Scientific Council of the new science.

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