PHOTO – Monopoli, first edition of the High School Humanities Night

The first edition of Humanities Nighta project for the “Magical nights of high school“. The first of the 4 nights of the Gymnasium was the actual Human Sciences Night and was divided into the different classrooms from 18:00 to 20:00, with the different classes of the Lyceum for Human Sciences hosting Science Shows and Sociology, Psychology Laboratories , law, pedagogy and didactics.

Here is the list of participating classes with their shows:

  • 1ASu and 1BSu: “Educational journey through time: Sparta and Athens in comparison” – in the corridor of the humanities area
  • 2Asu: “Active Listening and Passive Listening”
  • 5Asu: “Democracy vs. Totalitarianism”
  • 2Dsu: “Freud is unconscious”
  • 2Csu: “Gender stereotypes: do they still exist?”
  • 3Asu: Correspondence between Einstein and Freud about “Why War?” And then: Renè Spitz’s experiment on mother deprivation
  • 4ASu: “Magical Monopoly” – in the humanistic projection space.
  • 5Asu: “persuasion in the crowd”
  • 5ASu: “Active Schools”
  • 4ASu: “The Human Mind and Freudian Instances”

From 8:00 p.m. to around 10:00 p.m., Dr. Beppe Stallone talked to the professor Onofrio RomanoProfessor of Sociology at Roma Tre University, in a meeting focused on the impact of the pandemic and war on adolescent psychology.

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