Philosophy and Metaphysics of Science A book narrated by Vincenzo Fano – Cronaca

Tomorrow at 5.30 p.m. in the Aula Magna of the University Rectorate in Via Saffi the volume “Experience, abstraction and the scientific worldview” will be presented, a book that gathers a series of contributions in honor of Vincenzo Fano for his sixtieth anniversary birthday. The texts were signed by some colleagues, including the most important Italian philosophers of science: Carlo Rovelli, Dennis Dieks, Sergio Doplicher, Giovanni Boniolo, among others. Instead, other contributions follow from friends and students of the University of Urbino such as Gino Tarozzi, Mario Alai, Marco Rocchi and others. As the title suggests, the topic of the writings is quite extensive and therefore makes it possible to find texts that deal with fundamental questions of philosophy and metaphysics of science as well as epistemology, but also with the relationship between philosophy, science and art. The main aspect of the volume, which reflects the breadth and depth of Vincenzo Fano’s research, is the constant dialogue he conducted with different forms of knowledge: from the pure and applied sciences to art, from philosophy to philology, from studies to antiquity to these to contemporary thinking. At the end of the volume, a detailed and timely response from Fano to the questions raised in the various essays. “The idea was planned for April 2020 – Professor Fano tells us – and now it’s 62 years old: it had to be a missed convention for Covid, but those involved made themselves available to write their ideas anyway and this is where the volume became.” born “I am very happy to have created an environment of dialogue between friends, colleagues and students. In research, the beauty is sharing rather than studying alone”. Introduced by Rector Calcagnini.

Giovanni Volponi

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