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Optima MobileOptima Italia’s virtual operator on the Vodafone mobile network, renewed the start as of today, April 20, 2022your portfolio of mobile network tariff offersin particular launching the new Optima Super 100 and Optima Minimal.

So with this news, starting today they are no longer available the previous offers called Optima 50 Special + and Optima Semplice.

In its place, in Optima website online storeon the other hand, the new Optima Super 100 and Minimal offersthe latter with annual payment in the first 12 months similar to the previous Optima Semplice.

Just like the previous ones, even the new virtual operator promotions can be subscribed of new and existing customersand always have one activation fee lump sum from 15.90 eurosincluding the cost of the SIM.

Please remember this Optima Mobile operates nationwide under Vodafone network on 2G and 4Gthrough the aggregator Effort. With its offers, customers can browse the internet at a maximum speed of 60 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload.

New Optima Super 100 package and costs

In details, Optima Super 100 includes every month unlimited minutes for all national fixed and mobile numbers, unlimited SMS for everyone and 100 Giga of data traffic, all at the cost of €9.90 per month with debit to the residual credit.

It should also be noted that the Optima Super 100 offer was already available as of April 4, 2022 within the scope of the Optima integrated offer with electricity and gas called Super Casa Smart, with a discount cost of 5.90 euros per month and a one-time activation cost of €19.90.

With minimum one-time payment for 12 months and then €2.50 per month

the new offer Optimal Minimum predict 1000 minutes calls to Optima Mobile numbers, 150 minutes calls to all other national fixed and mobile numbers and 1 Giga of data traffic.

To first yearthis offer requires a payment one-time fee of €24.90 (equivalent to 2,075 euros per month).

In this case, it is necessary to take advantage of the offer with annual payment for the first 12 months pay a one-time fee consisting of the cost of the chosen offer and the cost of activationfor a total of 40.80 euros with Optima Minimal, the initial cost valid for use during the first 12 months equivalent to a monthly cost of €3.40.

After the first 12 monthsOptima Minimal renovations take place every 30 dayseach for the price of 2.50 euros with load on remaining credit.

More details on Optima Mobile offers

If the customer consumes all the monthly Giga included in the Optima offers, internet browsing is automatically inhibited.

If, on the other hand, they are consumed every minute and SMS available, extra-limit plan fees apply Optima Basic Individualsat a cost of 5 cents per minute for Optima Mobile numbers (no connection fee), 15 cents per minute for fixed and mobile numbers from other operators (no connection fee) and 7 cents for each SMS sent.

However, if you need more minutes or Giga, there are specials additional options can be activated at any time by calling 401640 or accessing the MyOptima application or the Customer Area of ​​the operator’s official website.

For voice pack, you can activate More than 100 AND more than 200that at the respective cost of 1.50 euros AND 2 euros predict 100 and 200 minutes additional. Options are available for data traffic 1 GB more AND 2 GB morecomposed respectively by 1 Giga for 1.50 euros AND 2 Gigas for 2 euros.

Customers can top up their SIM directly online with credit cardor going at authorized Mooney or PUNTOLIS points of sale.

Inside Roaming in the European Union It is possible to take advantage of the included minutes and SMS, but there is a maximum limit for the volume of monthly data traffic, calculated based on the specific formula for the first half of 2022.

Finally, remember that the Optima Mobile SIM are enabled to use technology Schedulesto make and receive calls while on the 4G network.

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