More than 9 million Italians traveling for the April 25 long weekend prefer art cities

Over 9 million Italians, 9,298,000 to be precise, traveling for the long weekend of April 25, despite expected bad weather. The data comes from a survey by Federalberghi according to which 91.7% will stay in Italy, the remaining 8.3% will go abroad.

For those staying in Italy, the favorite destinations are the art places (31%), followed by the sea with 22.6% and the mountains with 19.8%. Abroad, the major European capitals gain with 67.3%, followed by the sea with 16.4%.

The preferred accommodation is the hotel (34.1%), followed by family and friends’ houses (22.5%), b&b with 15.9% and own houses with 12.4%.

A turnover of 4.33 billion euros and a per capita expenditure of 466 euros: those who stay in Italy will spend an average of 433 euros, those who go abroad 741.

The main motivation for holidays is rest and relaxation (59.5%) followed by fun with 33.7%. 13.4% of Italians will take the opportunity to visit exhibitions, museums and fairs, other reasons that guide the choice are the discovery of new places for 10% and the habit for 9.8%.

The main activities? Walking tours (33.7%), excursions and walks (30.1%), visits to monuments (22.7%) and to museums or exhibitions (20.2%).

Among respondents who will not go on vacation, 39.9% revealed that they are not going on vacation for economic reasons; 33.1% because they intend to organize a trip in another period and another 24.8% for family reasons.

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