Moccia family in Rome, Camorra clan affairs in the capital

The Moccia family, already in the news for getting their hands on the “good” Rome restaurants used to clear Camorra money, has returned to the center of a new investigation.

This time, the family-based clan led by the small nucleus of the brothers Antonio, Angelo and Luigi Moccia, and their brother-in-law, Filippo Iazzetta, who take turns driving whenever one of them is prevented from doing so, because he is on the run or in prison. , ended up in the crosshairs of the Public Ministry of Naples for having reinvested massive capital resulting from its illicit activities, extending its tentacles in the disposal of used oils, slaughterhouse residues and also in large railways and high-speed contracts.

This was supported by the Carabinieri del Ros and the financiers of the gico of the financial police of Naples who, coordinated by the Neapolitan prosecutor, notified a total of 59 precautionary measures and seized assets for 150 million euros, including Ferrari and boats, properties and shares of the company. . The crimes in dispute – all in the aggravated form, as they were committed to facilitate the clan – range from mafia association to extortion, from corruption to aid and complicity.

Among those who ended up under house arrest are also a councilor from Lecce, investigated for corruption in relation to events dating back to 2017, when he was councilor for the environment, and a councilor from Bari (also for him the investigating judge in Naples ordered arrest ) for events dating back to 2017, when he was vice-president of the City Council.

What came up about the Moccias

For the Carabinieri del Ros, the Moccia clan carried out the sale deal thanks to the relationships established in Puglia with Sacra Corona Unita. It is in this context that the involvement of the two politicians who are contested by the peddling of influence would be grafted. Thanks to a businessman already active in Campania, Piedmont, Lazio and Veneto, who managed to enter the Puglia market with the acquisition of a company based in Bari, the clan would also have concluded numerous agreements with municipal administrations, for the collection of this waste.

For RFI contracts, on the other hand, the Moccia family, according to the Public Ministry, used a group of businessmen, allegedly linked to the clan, whose companies had regular anti-mafia titles and certifications. In this context, two employees of the Eastern Naples territorial unit ended up under house arrest, accused of corruption. Among the high-speed contracts that ended up in the hands of companies linked to the Camorra, there was also the maintenance contract at the Afragola station.

Finally, the crime of complicity is also challenged against a technician hired by a company that provides adequate equipment for wiretapping to various Judicial Police and Judicial Authorities, which has been working to clear the offices of some businessmen.

Who are the Moccias and their business in Rome

Murder, extortion and intimidation have been associated with the Moccia surname for years. A past from which the Afragola family, who moved to Rome in 2006 to clean up their image, distances themselves. At least that’s what they always said. However, for the prosecutor and the carabinieri of the investigation unit and the operational department of Rome, first, and for the prosecutor of Naples, finance and Ros dell’Arma, then, the reality would be different.

Afragola, Casoria, Arzano, Caivano, Cardito, Crispano, Frattamaggiore, Frataminore and all the municipalities on the northern wall of Naples have always been its territory. And then there’s Rome. But never in the background. Here Angelo and Luigi – arrested and ended up in prison in 2020 after a blizzard in Rome – lived often. The second, in the Collina Fleming area, the other in Parioli. VIP neighborhoods of “good” Rome used for years as a washing machine to recycle capital, through the acquisition of restaurants, hotels, apartments in prestigious areas.

“Restaurants in Rome are all theirs”

In recent years, according to investigators, a safe haven for cleaning up dirty money has been restaurants in Rome. According to the investigation of the Carabinieri of the last 2020, in fact, the money of illicit origin of the clan was reinvested in real estate and, above all, in the restaurants of “good” Rome between Castel Sant’Angelo, Quirinale and Piazza Navona.

“Soh all of them! All! not assignable“.”Do you know who Angelo is? He has an army at his disposal. You see they have an organization that scares me, that I know him lately, I tell him scary! Spooky! I don’t tell you how much! Understands me. They are in the courts. Restaurants in Rome are all of them”we read in a telephone intercept of one of the suspects who was talking to an acquaintance from the restaurants and clubs in the capital, in the availability of brothers Angelo and Luigi Moccia.

The treasure Moccia

Not only. The riches and “Roman” knowledge of the Moccias did not stop there. Watches, luxury items, money but also, and above all, the availability of niche cars. Wealth that, as stated in the 96 pages of the decree signed by the investigating judge Liso, also had the “instrumental value of externally manifesting the economic power of the clan“.

In several intercepted conversations, by the way, as the investigating judge points out, we understand “the high standard of living, the use of expensive cars, valuable property. Elements that are part of a Camorra style to exert greater influence over people and expand the network of contacts to infiltrate the legal economy“.

In short, the objective was clear: to appear rich and successful, “clean”, to sit at the table and get their hands on legal affairs to better integrate into the economy. Villas, luxury watches, Porsches and “33 Ferraris in Monte Carlo”, including a Testa Rossa collectible, registered 12, 12, 2012. A real gem. A treasure to tell how much the Moccias, from the Afragola clan, became successful businessmen in Rome. A version of reality, however, dismantled by the investigators.

Inside the Roman Business World

The Moccia brothers, in Rome, scored a double goal. In addition to cleaning up dirty money, in fact, in the capital they worked to infiltrate the world of “good” Rome, of businessmen. “We are good people, our money comes from legitimate businesses,” he paraphrased his mantra. Like chameleons, they now blended in, hid.

Not so much to give a sign of power to rival criminal realities, but more to show themselves clean in front of institutions. The order of the Public Ministry of Naples, daughter of the police investigation carried out in Rome in 2020, tells how the Moccia family did not despise important acquaintances. On March 22, 2017, Angelo Moccia participated, along with his wife, in a general audience that Pope Francis holds every Wednesday in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Moccia, according to the findings of the investigation highlighted by an intercept, went to the hearing at the company of a businessman, also accompanied by his wife. “Are you right next to the Pope here?“, says Gennaro Moccia, Angelo’s son, when he sees a picture of them next to Pope Francis.”Look how the Pope looks at me“, responds with satisfaction the businessman friend of Moccia, who kept the image in the office. A bar owner in the neighboring Via della Conciliazione gets tickets for the public hearing.

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