Microsoft OneDrive: Login and Sync Without Password

An important new feature for Microsoft 365 users: anyone who is already authenticated in Teams, Office, Windows and Edge will not need to log in again to OneDrive, which will automatically sync data.

The Redmond company is getting ready to add another novelty to the OneDriveits cloud storage service closely tied to Windows and for that criticized by Nextcloud and other companies that would like it to be separate from the operating system.

An explicit reference to a new feature for the log in and the OneDrive Sync.

We have already seen that using the Microsoft Authenticator application it is possible, after activation in the service settings, to access Microsoft and OneDrive accounts without a password.

A professional user who already uses apps like teams AND Office or who have already logged into Windows or Edge with an account linked to Microsoft 365, you will no longer need to log in to OneDrive. In other words, if the user has already been successfully authenticated, OneDrive will no longer prompt to login again. Indeed, the synchronization of data will occur in a fully transparent and automatic way.

The news that Microsoft technicians have been working on in recent weeks is expected for June 2022: for this month, general availability is set.

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