Lexus presents RZ 450e, the new premium electric SUV

World premiere yesterday, April 20, for Lexus’ new electric SUV. It is not a car that simply adopts battery electric power instead of a conventional engine, it is a vehicle that knows how to go further and realizes the enormous potential of new technologies that improve performance and driving pleasure, faithful to the Lexus Electrified philosophy. .

Chief Engineer Takashi Watanabe explains: “Our vision is to use electrification technology such as means of improving the basic performance of the vehicleso that we can continue to pursue driving pleasure for all future generations”.

The Lexus electric SUV

First of all, the RZ is a Lexus and retains all the features of the performance and craft associated with the brand. Casa has leveraged its vast experience in electrification to offer all the benefits of a BEV with the essential refinement and driving experience. This is evidenced, for example, by an advanced powertrain with optional cable steering with a new One Motion Grip clocheed e-Axles front and rear steering wheel that works in conjunction with Lexus’ new DIRECT4 all-wheel drive torque control. .

The bases of handling and responsiveness are ensured by a new platform dedicated to electric vehicles. A powerful lithium-ion battery is fully integrated into the frame, under the cabin floor, and its quality is controlled to ensure performance is maintained over time.

The all-electric platform and configuration also redefines Project. The exterior reinterprets the distinctive shape of the Lexus hourglass in the bodywork, while the interior is a light and open space, simple and luxurious.

Lexus RZ 450e: the premium interior of the new SUV

With its zero-emission performance, the RZ will help Lexus in its progress towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable mobility company. The brand’s focus is not just on the car’s performance on the road, but also on its entire lifecycle, from component procurement, production and use, to eventual disposal. At the Lexus factory in Motomachi, RZ’s production centre, new methods have already been adopted to reduce emissions in the generally “most polluting” phases.

RZ is the new big step that Lexus is taking to become a 100% BEV brand in Western and Central Europe by 2030. The new model can be reserved by European customers from April 20, before the first deliveries of the vehicle to from the end of 2022.

The exterior design of the Lexus RZ

Thanks to the design freedom offered by electric vehicles, the Maison has created a car that is different from the conventional ones, but that represents the Lexus “Next Chapter” design. This stylistic approach pursues a design with unique proportions, born of the vehicle’s dynamic performance. The design concept is “Seamless E-motion” and expresses the powerful character of an electric car, responsiveness and continuous acceleration.

The quality and features of the new RZ platform are the foundation for ensuring the Lexus Driving Signature, with optimized BEV packaging, low weight, optimal weight distribution and overall rigidity. All of this contributes to driver safety, control and comfort.

The Lexus e-Axle Electric Package

The new RZ SUV uses the e-Axle first introduced by Lexus in the UX 300e Full Electric. A compact, modular package consisting of a motor, a gearbox and a control unit, located between the drive wheels. On the RZ, the systems are used front and rear and work in conjunction with the DIRECT4 four-wheel drive control to adjust vehicle dynamics, traction and power distribution depending on driving conditions.

e-Axles are quiet, efficient and deliver precise power. The front engine produces 150 kW and the rear 80 kW, for a total power of 230 kW. Its compact dimensions also contribute to the car’s packaging, helping to ensure more space in the passenger compartment and cargo compartment and to accommodate the EV’s battery.

Lexus RZ interior

The RZ’s cabin is an evolution of the Tazuna concept, and combines the driver’s position behind the wheel and the arrangement of indicators, controls and displays to create a space in which small movements are enough hand and eye to control the vehicle. The principle is inspired by the small adjustments of the reins that a rider uses to control a horse, meaning “Tazuna” in Japanese.

Lexus' new premium electric SUV

The new Lexus RZ 450e electric SUV, available from April 20

The Chamber introduced a series of advanced technological resources centered on human beings that improve comfort, convenience and life on board, reinforcing Omotenashi’s spirit of hospitality. There are two major Lexus innovations: a specially coated sunroof to reduce heat radiation and a radiant heating system for the driver and front passenger. The powertrain offers an overall power of 313 hp / 230 kW and benefits from the advanced active safety and driver assistance systems featured on the recent third generation of Lexus+ security system with updated and additional features and increased scope for accident risk detection. The car can be booked from yesterday (April 20) and will soon hit all price lists in Europe, by the end of the year.

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