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Often the good performance of a company in the long run, it depends on the attitude taken in the market and brand recognition among consumers. To make yourself known and appreciated by the public, an investment in the online and offline advertising sector is essential. Among the models of offline promotion more profitable, there are certainly the led screensthat can be inserted both inside and outside buildings and points of sale.

One and the other, despite having different characteristics, are capable of capture interest of consumers and improve presentation of goods and services offered, guaranteeing that dynamism that can never be lacking in the contemporary era.

Meet valid advertising solutions, just look at the wide range offered by Macropix, a company that produces LED screens, which has become synonymous with quality and professionalism. That said, in the writer’s opinion, a detailed examination of the internal proposals and outside.

LED screens: ideal for indoor environments

Inside a commercial establishment (a clothing storea perfumery, a jewelry store, etc.), looking at the walls of the room, it is easy to notice the installation of some led screens.

The manager’s intention is to create a dynamic advertisingpleasant but above all capable of catch the attention and mind of visitors. An advertisement that talks about the products sold and that, at the same time, knows how to tell the evolution of the brand. Through LED screens, the manager has the opportunity to show his clients images of presentation of new collectionsoffering a preview of upcoming trends.

Likewise, in video game stores and accessories for the gaming sector, LED screens are used to show fans Latest news and recently released titles. Wanting to give you a taste of the graphics and the gameplay of these titles, the LED screens must be positioned with a pitch (that is, the distance between the pixels) of less than 1 millimeter and capable of reproducing high definition images and videos.

If your devices are equipped with RGB technologywith LEDs enclosed in triangular structures, all displayed colors will be warm, clear and very bright to the viewer’s eyes.

Ledwall: the solution for excellent outdoor advertising

Clearly, who is aiming best outdoor advertising he will not be able to rely on the LED screens described above and will have to look for valid alternatives such as i led wall.

in choosing the outdoor led wallthe owner of the brand to be promoted will have to take into account a number of important aspects: distance between the big screen and the viewer’s eye, the degree of exhibition to atmospheric agents, the resistance device for the temperature range and functions included in the device. An example will help to clarify any doubts.

If you want promote a new point of sale in the city, the tip is to bet on a led wall in the center city ​​or along roads where traffic intensifies at peak times, obtaining awide visibility. to be really functional for promotional purposes, the installed ledwall must have a pixel pitch of at least 5.9 mm and a structure composed of a minimum of 24 modules. For crisp, dynamic and vibrant colors outside, you need the RGB technologythat has already been talked about when it comes to indoor LED displays.

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