Google changes the cookie management system in Europe

Google announced an important news about the cookie system in Europe. This is not (for now) the announced revolution that will involve the introduction of the new system that will replace third-party cookies, changing the balance of data collection and user tracking. With this new modification, in fact, Google aligns with CNIL directives (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libert├ęs) initiating a series of changes in the management of Cookies in Europe. Here are the full details:

Google announces a change in the cookie management system in Europe

With a post on its official blog, which you can find linked in the source, Google announced a series of important innovations for managing cookies for European users. These innovations follow the latest European regulations on the subject and, in particular, the guidelines provided by the French commission CNIL. Based on these guidelines, Google has chosen to initiate a deep modification of the cookie system used to manage user data in Europe.

In fact, both the search engine from Google what Youtubein Europe, will show a new choice flag about managing cookies. This banner may be viewed by users using the search engine or YouTube without logging in with their Google account or using the web browser’s incognito mode.

The new banner, visualized in the image above, shows the “accept all” AND “Reject All”. When choosing the item “More options “ it will be possible to verify, in detail, what data is collected and how they will be used. The user can count on several options to choose from to adapt the navigation to his/her preferences.

With the first two options it will be possible to make extreme choices while the third option, in accordance with the requirements of the CNIL, offers users the opportunity to make an informed and detailed choice regarding the use of Cookies and, more generally, their experience. navigation. This novelty is in the launch phase, from France, and will soon reach the whole of Europe.

Google points out that “it’s not just a new button“. With this update, in fact, Google intends to restructure the entire Cookie management system through the sites of the Google ecosystem. These changes will affect both the search engine and YouTube, as well as the sites and content creators that use them. to increase the success of your business.

Going forward, Google renews its commitment to create a “more sustainable future for the web“. The company reiterated that it is working on creating new technologies that can protect the privacy of users and, at the same time, support companies and developers in the use of digital channels to improve their business, both in the long and in the short term.

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