Good morning from the Stock Exchange April 21, 2022 – Economy and Finance

(Teleborsa) – Earnings Day for the New York Stock Exchangehow dow jones, which presents a capital gain of 0.71%; on the contrary, close the Nasdaq 100which drops to 13,998.53 points.

Tokyo extends the positive performance by 1.23% and closes at 27,553.1 points. sink in the market shenzhenwhich showed a drop of -2.07% and ended the session at 11,392.2 points.

Toned session for Old Continent bags. Piazza Affari, which fails to capture the European wind of shopping, lags behind. Sitting without impulse to Frankfurt, reflecting a moderate increase of 0.24%; small loss for London, which is trading at -0.33%; small step to Pariswhich shows an evolution of 0.59%.

At the bottom of the ranking of sectorial indices, we find the sector food with a drop of -0.42%. Lazy sitting for the doriawhich changed hands with a negligible -0.12%.

Both PhillyFed and Unemployment Claims are expected this afternoon from the United States. Also this morning, in the European Union, the agenda includes data on Consumer Prices. UK retail sales figures are scheduled for tomorrow.

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