For April 25, Italy in pole position, turnover of more than 4 billion

“Judging by our data, we are happy to see that millions of Italians left for the Easter holidays they were not a mistake. In essence, the choice to travel is not episodic, yes instead, go back to planning vacations nearby also on the occasion of april 25 bridge, that this year the calendar goes down on Monday due to a lucky situation”. The analysis of president of Federalberghi, Bernabó Boccain reference to the tourist movement of Italians on the occasion of Liberation Day, agrees with the results of thesurvey conducted by Acs Marketing Solutions on behalf of Federalberghi.

Around 92% of the sample examined will remain in Italy and cities of art will be the preferred destinations (31%). Follow the sea, the mountains, the spas and the lakes. There is a great desire to plan holidays and the turnover that will be generated will exceed 4 billion euros.

The Easter Bridge

“I want to remember – says Bocca – that on the occasion of the Easter Bridge a city like Venice recorded the presence of 130,000 visitors a day. With Liberation Day other cities of art will have their redemption. I believe we should be moved by a situation that until recently, due to the pandemic, seemed unattainable.” According to the president, then, the choice of stay “also makes us reflect on the solidity of our business, against everything and everyone – adds Bocca -. According to our research, theThe preferred accommodation of travelers will be the hotel (34.1%), which on April 25 surpassed the choice of a house for relatives and friends (22.5%). It is an important sign for us: it means that we are in the right direction and that hotels are perceived as places of complete security. The hope for us is that we can drastically reduce the percentage of our fellow citizens who do not go on vacation for economic reasons (39.9%). Vacations must be accessible to everyone again.” The numbers at hand will be approx. 9 million 298 thousand Italians traveling on April 25.

favorite destinations

91.7% of respondents will stay in Italy, while 8.3% will choose a location abroad. The travellers’ favorite destinations who will stay in Italy will be the art place (31.0%), the sea (22.6%), l Mountain (19.8%) and, later, the spa resorts (6.4%) and I lakes (3.1%). For those going abroad, the major European capitals win (67.3%), followed by seaside resorts in general (16.4%), cruise trips (5.5%) and large non-European capitals (3 .6%).

the accommodation

Preferred hosting will beinn (34.1%); follow the house of relatives and friends with 22.5%, I Bed & Breakfast (15.9%) and the own houses (12.4%). The holiday will average duration of 3.2 nights.

Average expenses and revenue

The average per capita expense incurred for the holiday (including transport, accommodation, food and entertainment) will be equal to 466 euros. Those who stay in Italy will spend an average of 433 euros, while the expense increases for those who spend a vacation on the other side of the border (741 euros). Tourism is confirmed as an exceptional engine for the local economy, creating a turnover of 4.33 billion euros. The majority of traveler spending will go towards meals (32%). Accommodation and travel absorb 19.4% of the budget, while 13.2% will be spent on purchases.

The reasons

The main motivation for the holiday will be the rest and relaxation (59.5%), followed by Fun (33.7%). 13.4% of Italians will take this opportunity to visit exhibitions, museums and fairs. Other reasons that guide the choice of holidays are the discovery of new places (10%) and the habit (9.8%).

The activities

During these days, the main activities will consist of walk in (33.7%), excursions and trips (30.1%), visit to monuments (22.7%), and museums or exhibitions (20.2%). Among respondents who will not go on vacation, 39.9% revealed that they are not going on vacation for economic reasons; 33.1% because they want to organize a trip for another period and another 24.8% for family reasons.

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