Fincantieri, the end of the Giuseppe Bono era. Cassa Depositi e Prestiti appoint General Graziano as president, Folgiero ad

MILAN – A general for the presidency and a specialist in large industrial plants, from chemicals to energy, in charge as CEO: Cassa Depositi e Presititi – a company controlled by the Treasury – presented the list of candidates for the new top management Fincantieri. The shipbuilding giant is listed on Piazza Affari, 71% owned by CDP. Company leadership, in view of the May 16 meeting, will be Pierroberto Folgiero as executive director and Cláudio Grazianoin the post of president.

Fincantieri: the Giuseppe Bono era ends

The tug-of-war experienced in recent weeks by the group’s command is, therefore, coming to an end. where he tried to stay Giuseppe Bonoremained in office from 2002 to todaywho at age 78 tried to remain president with powers of attorney, given that the current president, Giampiero Massolo, was appointed by Edizione Holding to the same role at Atlantia. But one was requested from Palazzo Chigi, Mef and CDP strong discontinuity.

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Who is Pierroberto Folgiero, new to Fincantieri

Folgiero, born in Rome in 1972, is the CEO of Maire Tecnimont, the oil and gas power plant company. Graduated from Luiss, accountant, he specialized at INSEAD in Fontainbleu, Paris. In her career, as Maire’s resume recalls, Agip Petroli (Administration, Finance and Control area) and consulting at EY and PwC. In the 2000s, he moved from Tlc to Wind Telecomunicazioni, then became general manager and financial director of Tirrenia for restructuring and privatization.

As of September 2010, he joined Maire Tecnimont as CFO of the subsidiary KT, of which he later became CEO. In May 2012 he was appointed CEO of Tecnimont, which follows the petrochemical company in the group. There he also made the transition to the parent company, joining the board of directors and assuming the position a year later. His profile says he is “passionate about boxing, water polo and sailing, and lately padel”, as well as being married with two children.

With his appointment, therefore, the name that emerged in the last hours of Lorenzo Mariani, executive director of Mbda, consortium of Leonardo, Bae Systems and Airbus, and former manager of Finmeccanica, disappears. A choice that for some analysts would have facilitated the integration between the giants of the State, Leonardo and Fincantieri, which have long been on the table of various governments.

Fincantieri, who will be on the board

The other names designated by the Cdp for the Fincantieri board (which is appointed for 10 members) are Cristina Scocchia, Alberto Dell’Acqua, Valter Trevisan, Alessandra Battaglia, Massimo DiCarlo, Esedra Chiacchella, Rosanna Rossi. The other proposals that the majority shareholder will put on the meeting table will be: that the directors remain in office for three years, expiring on the date of the meeting that will be called for the approval of the financial statements on December 31, 2024; confirm the gross annual remuneration due to each of the directors (including the Chairman) at 50,000 euros, in addition to the reimbursement of expenses incurred with the appointment.

Autostrade per l’Italia: confirmation of Tomasi as CEO, president of Oliveri

The Cdp also approved other nominations. “With reference to Highways to Italy – explains Cassa’s note – in view of the closing of the acquisition operation scheduled for the 5th of May, the Board of Cdp approved the following list of directors that, based on the current shareholders’ agreements with the Blackstone and Macquarie funds , it is up to the same to designate: Elisabetta Oliveri president, Roberto Tomasi, managing director, Massimo Romano, Francesca Pace, Roberta Battaglia, Fabio Massoli”.

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Ansaldo Energia: Marino CEO, Franzino President

Lorenza Franca Franzino president and Giuseppe Marino CEO is the Cdp’s nomination for the renewal of top management Ansaldo Energia. The other names are Giovanni Zetti, Chiara Bisagni, Paola Girdinio, Gaetano Massara, Fabiola Pellegrini, Fabio Barchiesi, Maurizio Dainelli.

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