Extraordinary Competition Until: You can only select one competition class and one region with places available. EXPLANATIONS

Extraordinary competition until: The publication of the regulations and the announcement with the deadlines for the submission of applications is expected in the next few days. This is a procedure for secondary schools with around 14,000 places available, which is reserved for teachers with special service needs.

The extraordinary selection process is intended to complete the job advertisements for the vacant positions in the 2021/22 school year.

There are around 14,000 places just for the secondary school. Here is the distribution by competition class and region (the table has yet to be published in the Official Gazette).

entry requirements

Teachers who can boast can participate

  • to. specific qualification or entry qualification to a specific class of competition or a similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy according to current legislation
  • have not participated in the procedures referred to in paragraph 4 of the same Article 59 or, despite having participated, have not been identified as the recipient of a fixed-term employment contract aimed at taking up the post referred to in the same paragraph
  • c. from the school year 2017/2018 and within the application period at least three years, also not contiguously, according to ยง 11 Abs Law of May 3rd, 1999, No. 124.
  • One of the annual fees in the period under consideration must be specific, ie carried out for the competition class for which participation is requested.

Anyone who has already applied for the access authorization acquired abroad within the application period for the selection process with the corresponding application for recognition under applicable law will be admitted with reservations.

Irrespective of the admission title and the specific year of service, the period of service in a support center also applies to participation in the extraordinary procedure for the grade level, even without specialist qualification.

You will need the specific year of service (on community space, not on support) for the competitive class you are attending.

there timeline provides

  • Decree and related announcement in April 2022
  • 30 days to submit the application for online applications
  • commission formation
  • Call for candidates
  • oral exam until 15.06
  • temporary assignment for the winners from September 1, 2022
  • Training in cooperation with universities (40 hours, 5 credits) + trial and training year in the 2022/23 school year
  • Permanent employment from September 1, 2023

NB Of course, one or more of these items may be subject to change from the time of publication of the announcement.

Extraordinary competition for teachers on duty: the announcement awaits. Entry requirements, what the test consists of, qualification and role. FAQ

How many competition classes can you participate in?

Only one for which you have the necessary entry requirements.

If you have the eligibility requirements for more than one competition class, you only need to select one.

“Move” is not possible the achievement to participate in another competition class. For example, a reader asks “I have three years of service (048) in the second grade of the Staatliche Realschule, can I participate in the extraordinary competition for the class of the competition 049?”

The answer is no, you can only enter for the competitive class for which you meet the eligibility requirements.

In how many regions can you participate?

Only one.

Of course, the teacher with valid entry requirements must select a region where the selected competitive class has been banned.

Let’s take eg. in the case of competition class A046 law and economics. Only two locations are planned, one in Veneto and one in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Teachers who meet the service requirements can only use the process in one of these two regions for the vacancy only.

It looks cheaper in the so-called scientific MINT competition classes. For example, for the A028 mathematics and science competition class (major absence from the 2022 regular MINT competition whose tests will be held on May 3rd-5th) there are numerous places in almost all regions: Lazio 265, Veneto 78, Tuscany 30, Sardinia 9, Apulia 156, Piedmont 197, Molise 3, Marche 50, Lombardy 711, Liguria 50, Friuli Venezia Giulia 51, Emilia Romagna 174, Abruzzo 26.

No places for some competition classes

On the other hand, some competition classes are completely excluded, ie there are no places in any region. It’s about

A019 philosophy and history

A031 food science

A53 Music history in high school

A054 art history

B04 Lutheran workshop

B028 Laboratory for goldsmith technology

Note: The final publication in the Official Journal is awaited.

How the competition works

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