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(Teleborsa) – Today’s session was substantially bullish for the Milan stock exchange, in a more than positive European context. In the morning, Eurostat revised slightly lower eurozone inflation in March 2022. Increases the number of members of the ECB’s council, who believe that a rise in interest rates in July is plausible. After the Belgian Pierre Wunsch and the Latvian Martins Kazaks, today it was the Spaniard’s turn Luís de Guindoswho is vice president of the ECB, who said it was “theoretically possible” to raise interest rates in July.

Investors continue to look to the war in ukraine, with Russia now focused on invading the eastern Donbas region in a campaign that could last several months. Meanwhile, G7 finance ministers announced plans to provide more support to Ukraine.

The european multinationals continue to provide performance updates for the first few months of the year. Nestlé recorded higher-than-expected sales in the first quarter of 2022, also thanks to rising prices. ABB reported a 21% jump in orders over the same period.

I’Euro / US Dollar shows a modest gain, up 0.28%. lose groundgold, which is trading at $1,939.2 an ounce, down 0.93%. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) rose slightly, advancing to $103.1 a barrel.

The To spread takes a small step down, with a drop of 1.69% to +162 basis points, while the 10-year BTP yield is 2.51%.

Among the markets of the Old Continent High Frankfurt (+1.54%), cautious trend towards Londonwhich shows a performance equal to +0.19%, and purchases with hands full Pariswhich shows an increase of 1.81%.

Slight increase for the Milanese stock exchange, with the FTSE MIB which rises 0.25% to 24,941 points; on the same line, the FTSE Italia All Share advances in small steps, advancing to 27,259 points.

in cash the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+1.2%); as well as the good performance of FTSE Italia Star (+1.08%).

In between best italian stocks big cap, fizzy Saipemwith an improvement of 10.47%.

Brillant Pirelliwhich presents an incisive increase of 3.87%.

in the foreground STMicroelectronicswhich shows a strong increase of 2.21%.

Take off Stellantiswith a significant improvement of 2.13%.

The worst performances, on the other hand, are recorded in Snamwhich gets -2.03%.

Under pressure Leonardowhich shows a decrease of 1.92%.

he slips Ivywith a clear disadvantage of 1.89%.

In red tenderwhich shows a sharp drop of 1.84%.

In between best stocks on the FTSE MidCap, Zignago glass (+ 6.51%), Carel Industries (+ 6.11%), Piaggio (+5.33%) and Datalogic (+4.24%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, appear in IRENwhich continues to be traded at -2.22%.

The negative performance of Alerion Clean Powerwhich drops 1.80%.

MARR drops 1.25%.

refuse to SUNwhich marks a -1%.

In between macroeconomic variables heaviest:

Thursday 04/21/2022
11.00 am European Union: Consumer prices, annual (expected 7.5%; previous 5.9%)
11.00 am European Union: Consumer prices, monthly (forecast 2.5%; previous 0.9%)
2:30 pm USA: PhillyFed (expected 21 points; preceding 27.4 points)
2:30 pm USA: Unemployment claims, weekly (180,000 units expected; previously 185,000 units)
4:00 pm European Union: Consumer Confidence (expected -20 points; previous -18.7 points).

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