Colnago C68, modular technology, 3D and Blockchain: the revolution is served

Colnago’s C series is at an important evolutionary step. The production of the fully handcrafted frame in Italy undergoes a significant evolution in the construction technique: no longer carbon fiber tubes and gaskets as we knew the frames, from the C40 to the C64 model, but carbon fiber parts. assembled together. An evolution that starts from the product, but also includes the “business” part with direct sales to the public and blockchain technology available to everyone.

The juiciest news is the new C68 chassis that officially debuts today, April 21, 2022.

The new framework follows the numerical logic that takes us back to the years of the company, founded in 1954 and which, in 2022, reached its 68th year of life. The line defined with the “C” is dedicated to the enthusiast who pays attention to detail and with obsessive care and characteristics different from those demanded by pilots (to whom the V series is dedicated). The idea of ​​a series with conjunctions was born precisely to be able to offer everyone a fully customized frame for geometric measurements and dimensions. The V series is different, where performance is also preceded by comfort.
Now the C, now at number 68, makes an important constructive revolution:

«Before it was a matter of assembling straight tubes in complex junctions that created the various nodes of the frame – explains Davide Fumagalli, designer of Colnago – with the C68 the technology changes completely, not tubes or simple junctions, but more complex parts».

The construction logic has completely changed and 3D printed parts are also used where it is easier to modify the geometric dimensions and the frame lends itself to different interpretations.

Here are the parts that the Colnago C68 frame is composed of.

The number of pieces that make up the frame is the same as in the previous C series, even though, from an aesthetic point of view, the line may be more similar to that of a frame made in a single piece. The choice was dictated by the demand for a modern look, while remaining desirable for the traditional Colnago customer.
The weight of the frame, in size 48.5 (comparable to the size 50 of the previous frame) is 935 grams.

A frame built in this way can take on different characteristics and become, from a racing model to an off-road model, but a C68 gravel is also planned. Same basic concepts to make bicycles that lend themselves to different possibilities of use thanks to a shared technology platform that offers several applications.

In total there will be 18 sizes for the different models: seven sizes dedicated to the road (which will be available in the disc version and, in autumn 2022, also rim brake), six allorad (only in the disc version from autumn 2022) and five measures of gravel (on the market from winter 2022).

Of course, as already mentioned, it will also be possible to create custom solutions thanks to 3D printed titanium parts made of titanium.

The option for a modular solution, instead of tubes and joints that have always characterized the “C” series, was made to have even greater control of the lamination in the smaller molds. In addition, fewer carbon coatings are required for each individual part.

Among the first things to notice about the new C68 is the new bottom bracket that respects the T47 standard, therefore threaded, which is not Colnago’s proprietary and therefore becomes easier to manage even for maintenance, no Press Fit solution that has proven to be unreliable in managing tolerances. «Furthermore – explains Fumagalli – it is a standard already adopted by Sram and Campagnolo and Shimano is on the way. Meanwhile, in the models that will mount Shimano, a Ceramic Speed ​​movement will be used.

There’s no escape: modern bikes must have integrated cables and the C68 is no exception. «But we are well aware of the problems that this solution entails – said Fumagalli – dismantling a headset means dealing with the cables and hydraulic hoses with a long and expensive job on the part of the mechanics. So we found a solution to address the root problem: the adoption of Cermic Speed ​​​​​​SLT bearings that are designed to be sealed and self-lubricating to ensure they last long enough to have a guaranteed headset for life. And we’ve been testing them for some time now with the UAE, confidentially, just to make sure what we’re putting into the new C68.”

A big novelty in the steering area is the adoption of an integrated jointless handlebar weighing 310 grams (in size 110-410 millimeters). The shape is different from the standard integrated handlebars: the ends are parallel to the ground and in the front view there is a slight outward curvature (flare) which gives greater comfort of use in low grip. The camber is minimal (far from what’s present on a gravel bike handlebar, so to speak).

A handlebar of this type is not a contradiction, speaking of a bike that does not abandon the concept of made-to-measure as Colnago has always understood it, because an elaboration of measures has been developed that make up an assortment of up to 16 handlebars that include different lengths of bars and bend widths. The new handlebars are compatible with C64 V3R frames.

However, for those who want an even more personalized support, the possibility of mounting a traditional handlebar has been maintained. The preferred choice is the Deda Elementi Superbox model, which has a shape that integrates perfectly with the steering wheel. The integrated handlebar also includes the integration of a 10-function multi-tool that is positioned inside the locking cap. The seat post has the same shape as the C64 and V3R models.

Blockchain technology is nothing new at Colnago. It is the same principle that guarantees the validity of cryptocurrencies and makes it possible to certify the ownership of a bicycle and its authenticity, since the tag can only be registered and recognized (and cannot be duplicated) from the Colnago archive. An NFC tag is installed on the C68, inextricably linked to the frame, which allows access to the information on the bike’s digital passport, whose data is stored on the blockchain, through the Colnago app for iOS/Android smartphones. The digital passport contains information about the bike that can be updated over time.

Thanks to this technology, the value of the bicycle is maintained over time, guaranteeing the information relating to the C68 to which the blockchain data is unambiguously and unalterably associated.

This technology makes it possible to make data inviolable and guarantee the passage of information about the bike and the accessories that are mounted on it with a tamper-proof process.

With the new C68 Colnago introduces the method of direct sales to the customer who can configure their bike directly on the Colnago website with three-dimensional animation and be able to customize assembly and colors. Once available (delivery times range from 90 to 180 days at the moment) the customer can pick up the bike at the store or have it delivered directly to their home by Colnago staff.

colnago c68 geometry

Frame Kit – Road

  • C68 carbon frame kit 5,650.00 Euro
  • C68 carbon/titanium frame kit 6,600.00 Euro
  • Supplement for the color configurator 1,200.00 Euros

Complete bikes – Road Carbon

  • C68 Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12v – Bora Ultra WTO 45 – 15,770.00 Euros
  • C68 Shimano Dura Ace 12v – Shimano Dura Ace C50 – 14,065.00 Euro
  • C68 Sram Red AXS Etap 12v – Zipp 303 Firecrest – 13,260.00 Euro

Complete bikes – Road Carbon / Titanium

  • C68Ti Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12v – Bora Ultra WTO 45 – 16,780.00 Euro
  • C68Ti Shimano Dura Ace Di2 12v – Shimano Dura Ace C50 – 15,225.00 Euros
  • C68Ti Sram Red AXS Etap 12V – Zipp 303 Firecrest – 14,205.00

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April 21, 2022 – Reproduction Reserved – Cyclinside editorial team

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