Camit webinar today – GOOD MORNING SLOVAKIA

The series of webinars promoted by Italian Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia examine the effects of the war in Ukraine on business and commerce. New meeting tomorrow, April 21, at 15:30 on the zoom platform.

“Ukraine conflict and international sanctions: what are the consequences for your business?” the title of today’s webinar.

Hanz Giovanni Chiappetta, Lawtelier Avvocati Associati, and Marika Romani, Avvocati Associati will speak on “EU sanctions against Russia and risk mitigation measures”.
“US Sanctions Against Russia: Implications for Foreign Businesses” is the theme explored by Perry S. Bechky, Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP.

In the second part dedicated to “The war in Ukraine and its impact on the Slovak economy and banks”, Roberto Vercelli, President of the Italo-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, and Zdenko Štefanides, Chief Economist at VUB Banka, will talk about the impact of the war in the Slovak economy, direct trade impacts, especially through dependence on energy imports, inflation and housing prices.

The procedures will be carried out in English. Information on the website of the Italo-Slovak Chamber of Commerce.


Illustrat. Max. Pixel / CC0

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