“Budget without reviewers’ opinion, consider removing Musumeci”

The Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement, groups opposing Ars, together with Claudio Fava of the minority write to Prime Minister Mario Draghi to ask “to assess the beginning of the process of dismissal of the President of the Region and for the dissolution of the Regional Assembly of Sicily and for acts contrary to the Constitution under article 126 of the Constitution.” The letter was also sent for information to the ministers of regional affairs and autonomies and of economy and finance.

The Region of Sicily is in provisional operation until 30 April. To date, the junta led by Musumeci has sent the ARS the budget bill for the year 2022/2024 “deprived – say the opposition – of an essential prerequisite: this is the preventive opinion that must be expressed in advance by the Supervisory Board of the accounts of the Sicilian region”. “If the opinion expressed by the college is negative, the regional council can follow two paths: either comply with the opinion by modifying the accounting document, or justify the reasons why it believes not to make any adjustments – the letter reads -. cases, at the time of transmission of the invoice to the ARS, the opinion must have already been expressed”.

“As of today, with the deadline now approaching the provisional exercise no longer extendable, the budget bill transmitted to the Regional Assembly of Sicily is not accompanied by the opinion of the Supervisory Board – denounce the opposition deputies -. Statute but, above all, the impossibility of reaching the approval of the 2022/2024 budget within the peremptory deadlines of April 30th.” Ars’ internal regulation for the budget session which – continues the letter – does not allow for the ‘examination and discussion of financial documents by the legislative committees first, and then by the House. .

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