Anvur, Unimore at the national helm for the third mission: the search for quality and proximity to the territory are the keys to success

The third evaluation of the quality of research and its impact on the Italian and international industrial, economic and cultural fabric, carried out by Anvur – National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System, ended with an excellent ranking from Unimore.

In addition to the research products, the third mission was evaluated for the first time in the VQR 2015-2019, i.e. the set of activities with which the institutions work together as a complement to two other traditional teaching and research assignments and interact with local contexts and society.

Each institution was asked to present one or more case studies according to their size; Unimore presented a total of seven case studies and the evaluation was excellent: With an R-score (the qualitative indicator that measures the quality of the university’s products compared to the average of all institutions, taking into account the weight of the different scientific areas in the specific university) of 1.15, the University of Emilia ranks tenth nationally in the specific ranking established on the basis of the R4 (Third Mission) indicator.

The third mission projects submitted for evaluation, as mentioned, were seven: “Holostem Advanced Therapies: between research on rare diseases, innovation and public engagement” (Department of Life Sciences); “Contamination Lab Unimore: the university at the center of innovation processes”; “Festival of Migration” (Faculty of Law); “MASA – Modena Automotive Smart Area” (Faculty of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari”, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Informatics and Mathematics); “Exhibition and Studio” A thought to celebrate. Visual Metaphors in Children’s Learning Processes” (Faculty of Education and Humanities); “Digital culture. The promotion of Digital Humanities for Cultural Heritage” (Faculty of Linguistics and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari”); “Iconography of work” (Department of Economics “Marco Biagi”).

“As a university, we are particularly pleased with this result,” says Prof. Giovanni Verzellesi, Vice Rector of the Office of Reggio Emilia and Delegate for the Third Mission. Unimore wants to confirm and strengthen public engagement activities to reduce the distance between the world of research and society, to present itself as a responsible university that promotes interaction, pays attention to social, cultural and environmental challenges and is open and close to Territories and communities is in which he resides. The review prepared by Anvur encourages us to continue in this direction.

“We believe that the sharing of knowledge and its applications – comments Prof. Gianluca Marchi, Deputy Vice Rector and Delegate of the Third Mission – is useful to improve the quality of research and training, thanks to a two-way interaction through which the activities of Third missions can have a positive impact on research and education. For this reason, we will continue to set ourselves ambitious goals and we are sure that further pleasures await us, also thanks to the support from the region and the institutions.”

The assessment carried out by Anvur will not only provide an accurate picture of the state of research in Italy, but will also be examined by the Ministry of Universities and Research in order to share 80% of the fund’s remuneration share as early as 2022. ordinary financing (FFO).


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