Android: Next Share updates to share files without having to accept them

Sometimes the simplest changes are the hardest to make. Near Share, the Android equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop technology, should fix a problem it already fixed prevented its users from sending files between their devices without having to approve them every timeusing a new feature called Self Share.

A feature already seen

We had already discovered this new feature earlier this year when it was added to Chromium’s gerrit (collaborative code review tool). According to the Twitter account of Mishaal Rahman, Android expert and former editor-in-chief of XDA, Google is testing this new addition which will now allow you to skip the approval step when sharing files between your devices if they are linked to the same Google Account.

This feature, which uses Bluetooth and WiFi to send files between devices, always required recipient approval to allow file sharing and avoid any risk of possible malicious attacks.

This novelty should therefore make file sharing much easier and more fluid on Android, as it is today on iOS, Apple already proposes to share files between multiple devices without requiring approval when they are connected to the same iCloud account.

To arrive

This feature is present in the latest version of Google Play Services, but it looks like it hasn’t been implemented yet. Also, we currently don’t know when Google plans to release this feature.

Google didn’t stop there for its AirDrop alternative, as the company now allows its users to share Google Play Store apps with other users to benefit from a faster download, but also to avoid consuming your data. All you have to do is go to File, then to the tab “Enrollment” to be able to share and send an .apk file of the desired application.

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