Amazon’s Revolution Is Buy With Prime: How It Works

With a surprise announcement, amazon gifts Buy with Prime, a whole new way to enjoy the benefits of Prime service in any online store, on and off Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ colossus thus describes what is a novelty destined to cause a sensation for reasons that can already be understood from these first bars. The potential of the service is many and varied, although at the moment limited within the borders of the USA, so it is worth summarizing everything in two words.

What is Amazon’s new Shop with Prime service

It is a service that allows you to be able to enjoy all the benefits of Prime even outside the Amazon store doors, in essence. That means fast, free shipping, virtually zero hassle for returns, and simple, fast payments with everything at your fingertips (so stored payment methods, any vouchers, and so on). In all of this, the Amazon Prime subscription guarantee also plays a prominent role, which is always convenient for customers and for the same online stores that want to embrace this service, Buy with Prime, for now limited to the North American market. .

So, having answered the question from which all this stems: why limit the benefits of Prime logistics to

How it works and to whom it is available

Stores that decide to participate in Buy with Prime will feature the prime logo and expected delivery dates for eligible products in your own online storebeing able to offer its customers, on the one hand, a simple and convenient payment experience with Amazon Pay, on the other Amazon fulfillment network for delivery. Amazon will also handle free returns for qualifying orders.. With these words, Amazon immediately clarifies the advantages that participating merchants themselves will be able to obtain with this service (which will not be free for them, of course).

It’s not even worth pointing out the potential it could have. But for now Buy with Prime is available by invitation only initially for merchants who use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) logistics, later also for others outside of it. They can add Buy with Prime to their online store in minutes because the stock is already stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. And once active, merchants will receive the buyer’s order information, including email addresses, which they can use to ensure the best customer service.

Amazon Buy with Prime example

This initial invite-only policy will last throughout 2022. For us users, in addition to the fact that we will have to wait for a possible arrival even on the other side of the Atlantic, it remains to wait for the official launch, expected within the year.

If you are not an Amazon Prime subscriber and want to try the service click here

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