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An acute breakdown. What “aired” on the Netflix stock exchange on Wednesday, April 20, was a drama. The streaming giant reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers in three months, against estimates that predicted an increase of 2.5 million users. first time since 2011 that Netflix has lost subscribers: a setback that has not escaped international markets, with stocks on Wall Street are down 30%.

affari square

In Milan, driven by bankers and some industrial actions, the Ftse-Mib (+1.03%) closed higher, although in Europe the German Dax 30 and the French Cac 40 did better. The record among blue-chips was for Banco Bpm (+4.46%), which promptly recovered the coupon effect and charged the “purchase” of Equita and the judgment of “overcoming” Mediobanca. The performances of Bper (+3.52%), Pirelli (+3.28%), StMicro (+3.24%) and Hera (+3.21%) were also excellent. On the negative side, pharmaceuticals DiaSorin (-1.53%) and Amplifon (-1.52%) stand out, while Tim continues to fall (-1.21%). Finally, Terna (-0.64%) decreased after the previous day.

European stock exchanges

In Europe, Danone is doing well, posting +5.73% in Paris, thanks to good quarterly revenues (+7.1% on a like-for-like basis at 6.2bn) and confirmation of growth targets for 2022. Heineken is also doing well (+5.1% in Amsterdam) after doubling first-quarter earnings to €417m. In Frankfurt, Henkel Vz rose to +2.29%, which announced the suspension of its activities in Russia, and purchases in the technology and sportswear groups Puma -0.55% and Adidas +4.11%. In London, the mining sector is slowing down due to indications from Rio Tinto (-4.7%) that signaled the risks arising from high inflation, the new restrictions in China for Covid and the evolution of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Good morning in Zurich to Richemont and Swatch, in Madrid shopping in the banking sector. There is also great anticipation for the televised duel between Macron and Le Pen, decisive for the French presidential elections. Meanwhile, the spread between BTPs and German Bunds closed at 165 points from 161 the day before, albeit with a slight drop in the Italian ten-year yield from 2.53 to 2.52 percent.

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